Let’s Play Together!   Summer Sessions for Ages 9-17

Join us for a chance to play and experience music in a fun ensemble setting including bands, orchestras, duets, trios, and more!

Ten weekly sessions from June 5th through August 11th.
Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, 9:00am-11:00am.

Campers will get to:

  • Choose their instrument(s).
  • Play with an ensemble of their choice (duets, trios, orchestra, band, choir and other combos).
  • Create musical pieces in a wide range of styles, from acoustic and classical to movie themes, pop songs, electronic and video game music.
  • Make DIY instruments that really play!
  • Go on a nature walk with sound exploration and recording.
  • Perform in a recital concert at Lafitte Music Center and other public performance opportunities.

Campers also have an option to receive a weekly private lesson (recommended for beginners).

with weekly private lesson
1 Week (3 days of camp) $90 $120 (includes 1 private lesson)
3 Weeks (9 days of camp) $225 $315 (includes 3 private lessons)
6 Weeks (18 days of camp + concert) $360 $540 (includes 6 private lessons)
10 Weeks (30 days of camp + concert) $590 $890 (includes 10 private lessons)

Fill out the form below to register, or call us at (916) 536-9390.