Lafitte Music Center

Music is a unique and personal voyage of discovery.

At Lafitte Music Center, we believe that every individual has a unique creative potential and that each student’s musical and artistic journey will take a form that reflects their uniqueness.

More than just instructors, our teachers are mentors who will work closely with you (or your child) to help articulate your musical goals, discover how you learn most naturally and design a program that is suited to you.

Our performance space provides the perfect venue for budding musicians to showcase their skills, get comfortable playing for and with others, and to learn to express themselves freely.

We also hold regular events from painting nights to jam sessions and musical performances that provide students with exposure to a wide range of artistic expression, culture, and rich interaction with other artists and musicians.

The atmosphere at Lafitte Music Center is always relaxed, inspiring and a reminder that learning music should be fun!!

Our Teachers

At Lafitte Music Center, you have the assurance of having the best teachers through careful face-to-face selection.

Our teachers …

  • are kind
  • have their own love of learning
  • are compassionate
  • are masters of their subject matter
  • set high expectations for all students

Begin your own unique musical journey today!

Hello and Welcome! I’m Jordane, owner of Lafitte Music Center (pronounced “luh-feet”), which was named after my late father Jean Lafitte, who gave me his passion for travel and music.

Growing up in a dual-culture household, I quickly became fascinated by the relationship between music education and culture: how music is felt differently from one culture to another. Is talent just a perspective? How far can we go with the concept of “hearing”? How does music heal? What exactly can we learn from other cultures?

After many years of musical studies, I earned the first prize in Music Theory and a medal for my piano performance from the International Conservatory of Music of Paris, France.

Eager to experience other lifestyles, I started to travel, learn, teach and create music in several countries for 12 years where I experimented with different teaching styles.

Lafitte Music Center was simply born out of a passion and a need that may resonate with you too, as a parent who wants your child or yourself to benefit from the most comprehensive music education available, as a creative soul wanting to network with others and as a life and community-lover looking for local eye opening events.

I look forward to meeting you!

Jordane Lafitte, Owner
Lafitte Music Center

We offer music instruction for students of all ages in the greater Sacramento area, including group piano classes for aspiring musicians in Citrus Heights, Orangevale, and Fair Oaks.

David L

The group piano lessons for adults are great! The atmosphere is relaxed and inspiring, and as an absolute beginner I was truly amazed by what I could do after just one lesson. A great group and super fun!

David L / Google Reviews
Eliana R

Teacher can communicate in English, Spanish or French, love this school!

Eliana R / Google Reviews
Lindsay M

This place is awesome. My daughter is in one of the group piano classes and we've been to a few of the events and open mic nights. The owner is very open and imaginative and the space has a creative ambiance. It makes for a really great experience overall.

Lindsay M / Google Reviews
Elodie M

Great place!!!

Elodie M / Facebook Reviews
Tanya R

Great staff and atmosphere. The paint class was fun and I learned so much! Looking forward to many more paint classes and violin classes.

Tanya R / Facebook Reviews
Marianna W

I love how accessible the music center is and feel that it is a great environment to help explore your creativity.

Marianna W / Facebook Reviews
Rosa H

This place is very exciting! You feel the creative energy as you walk in the Door!

Rosa H / Facebook Reviews
Alyona B

My kids love it here! I enjoy the diversity, both cultural and musical! It’s a fun and energetic atmosphere here that helps kids learn and create and appreciate music!

Alyona B / Facebook Reviews
Jon W

Excellent music school in a convenient location that offers piano, guitar and percussion lessons and more. The teachers have all been awesome and my kids look forward to their lessons each week. Highly recommend.

Jon W / Facebook Reviews
John K

Fantastic place to take your music playing to the next level no matter whether you're just starting or quite advanced. It's a fun, supportive center for creative expression, including group painting nights that are excellent. Everything at the center is fairly priced. Check it out!

John K / Facebook Reviews
Marysol S

A GREAT place, nice atmosphere, excellent brand new equipment and staff, just in one class my daughter can tell where the "do" key is located and what finger she needs to use to play it! when I was a kid learned with the same Yamaha system and I can tell is fun and really easy for them; I'm so happy to find this place for my kids! I guess is the only place teaching it here in Sac.

Marysol S / Facebook Reviews
Amanda R.

The staff here is amazing! Great experience in a fun environment! The combined knowledge from the staff is really a special thing. If you want your children to get a really unique passage into the musical world, they are definitely a great choice. I can't give them enough praise!

Amanda R. / Yelp
Diana N.

My 5-year-old son has made significant growth since starting piano at Lafitte Music Center only six months ago; he is already playing chords and playing with both hands simultaneously. He is learning to hear notes and read music so naturally and easily. He has so much fun learning new songs and even composing his own. What’s more, I’m finally having my own ah-ha moments all these years after traditional piano lessons frustrated me.

Diana N. / Yelp
Jaime M.

Love this place. It is a place I get me time and paint. The instruction is fabulous and everyone there is super friendly. You never feel new to the place and that is one of the best parts, like coming home and spending time with family and friends. Tuesdays are now one of my favorite days of the week.

Jaime M. / Yelp
Lindsay C.

This place is awesome. My daughter is in one of the group piano classes and we’ve been to a few of the events and open mic nights. The owner is very open and imaginative and the space has a creative ambiance. It makes for a really great experience overall.

Lindsay C. / Yelp