Group Music Classes

Group Music Classes

Learning together strengthens individual rhythm skills and listening habits and develops confidence, and saves you money. Students are grouped according to age, musical background and goals. Most group sessions last 10-weeks.

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If you are interested in attending a group class for your instrument that is not yet been scheduled please contact us to be placed on a wait-list. Group classes require a minimum of 3-4 people in the same age group for the same instrument. We will notify you once a group class is available. Thank You!

Group Piano Classes

Our innovative course of piano-style instruction has been proven successful in helping students of all ages learn to play and enjoy the piano. We offer a young musician course for learning fundamentals, and a keyboards encounters course geared toward developing musical creativity and confidence.

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Group Guitar Classes

Our guitar group classes are fun while providing skills and tools for the future guitarist. In class you’ll learn how to Tune, read, use of the scales, play chords, strum, picking, finger picking and other guitar techniques, along with playing songs from different styles.

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Group Ukulele Classes

In the 10-weeks course students will learn how to hold the instruments and develop basic skills as they learn songs. Students will sing and play chords and develop plucking on the instrument as well. Class materials and instruments are included.

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Advantages for Group Classes:

  • Fun learning environment
  • Opportunity to play duets, trios and small ensemble pieces
  • Inspired by our peer’s performances
  • Much cheaper

Pricing for Group Classes:

Group lessons are $25/hour. sold in sessions of 10 weeks each. The groups meet 1 hour per week. Because our group lessons are carefully planned and organized, they are not on a drop in basis. After each session of 10 weeks, students are eligible to enroll to the next level, or change group depending on their pace and desires.