Guitar Group Classes

Ages 7 to Adult

Group Classes for Acoustic, Electric and Bass Guitar

Ages 7 – Adult / All Skill Levels

In a small setting of 4 students, our guitar group classes are fun while providing skills and tools for the future guitarist.  In class you’ll learn how to Tune, read, use of the scales, play chords, strum, picking, finger picking and other guitar techniques, along with playing songs from different styles.  Class materials are included.


The guitar is a popular choice for most students along with the piano, thanks to its wide range. As a guitarist you can play melodies as well as harmonies and rhythms. Guitarists have the ability to play an infinite amount of variations of articulations, such as slide, hammer, slur, bend, finger pick, tap, vibrate, strum, etc!

The guitar is portable and easy and fun to itemize with colors, shapes, gears, and accessories. There are 3 types of guitars: Classical guitars (nylon strings) Acoustic guitars (steel strings), and Electric guitars.


Each of our lessons are tailored to each student. For beginners, it is important for us to keep the students motivated. Right from the first lesson, you will be playing a simple song.

Our lessons are usually divided in 3 main sections:

1/ Warm ups: including scale, techniques, and exercises
2/ Harmony and chords, as well as theory concepts.
3/ Goal songs: Could be a song of your choice arranged for your level by our teachers, or the teacher’s recommendation, depending on your path, or both.


We host recitals every month in our performance hall. Every student of the music school can join and perform the music of their choice. It is also an opportunity for many to meet music friends and create groups and music ensembles.

We also host twice a year a Summer and Winter music festival, usually held over 2-3 days, where students perform their favorite music. Have a look at our videos HERE.

Schedule a preview!

During the preview, you’ll visit our music studios, discuss your musical goals or needs with your teacher, try the instrument, and talk about lesson details. Please select your teacher, and click directly on their calendar to schedule a free meet and greet and tour with your teacher.

Our Guitar teachers:

  • Daniel Radu
  • Edward Roa
  • Curtis Leong

Is your child between 3 and 8 years old?

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Ready to learn Guitar?

How Long Will it Take Me to Learn How to Play?

You’ll play simple pieces from the very first day!

In the weeks following the start of class you’ll learn…

  • Songs in many exciting styles and genres, such as pop, classical, country, blues and jazz.
  • Fingerobics™ – Special keyboard excercises that develop finger dexterity.
  • Music reading, notation and theory.
  • Ensemble playing – group musical experiences that help develop your own playing skills.
  • How to plan and evaluate your progress.

How is the Course Taught?

Group students are grouped according to age, musical background and goals.

You can enter this flexible course at any level, depending on your musical experience. Your teacher has been trained by Yamaha to work with students of all ages and abilities, and can help you decide which level to join.

When Do I Start?

Start playing today; enjoy playing for a lifetime. Contact us today to enroll in the next class!

Why Learn in a Group?

Playing in a group is musically satisfying.

Most music is performed in groups, whether in a band, orchestra, or a choir. Learning together strengthens individual rhythm skills and listening habits and develops confidence. Keyboard Encounters students who wish to share their music with the rest of the class will have the opportunity to perform solos.

What happens once the session is over?

After the session (usually 10 weeks) is over, the student has several options:

  • You are eligible to continue with the same group, in the next level, on the same day and time, with another 10 weeks session.
  • You can transfer to another group if your learning pace is faster or slower, or if the time and day is no longer convenient.
  • You can transfer to private lessons!