Private Music Lessons

Lafitte Music Center offers music lessons for ages 3 to adult.

Private lessons

We offer private music instruction in Piano, Guitar, Drums, Ukulele, Voice, Violin and Cello, Saxophone, Trumpet and Trombone, Flute, Harp, and Clarinet. Don’t see your instrument listed, be sure to contact us to inquire if training is available.

Progress at your own pace with the undivided attention from your teacher. Students have the opportunity to perform every month in our performance hall and share their newest songs with their family and friends.

Piano Lessons

Piano is one of those very few instruments where you can play both melody and harmony at the same time. It just takes a simple pressure from your finger to produce a sound, making it easy and satisfying for most beginners.

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Guitar Lessons

Our lessons are commonly divided in 3 main sections: Warm ups (technique and exercise), Harmony and chords, and Goal songs (chosen by you and/or your teacher).

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Drum Lessons

Playing drums is fun for all ages and teaches coordination, timing, and rhythm. Each of our lessons are tailored to each student with an emphasis on keeping the students motivated.

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Ukulele Lessons

The ukulele community is friendly, inviting, and the instrument’s size and crisp sound brings warm smiles on people’s faces. Due to its small size and nylon strings, the Ukulele is easy for children to pick up.

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Voice & Singing Lessons

Our lessons include bel canto (Italian classical), and voice technique for the beginners. This is the fundamental technique to develop proper voice health, pitch, natural tone, strength, range, quality and breath control. Usually lessons are focused on pronouncing vowels, vocal exercises, and song/arias to build your voice.

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Violin & Cello Lessons

Our instructors can teach you to play classical strings or fiddle style. Lessons will initially focus on ear training, proper bowing technique, sight reading, and music theory.

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Saxophone Lessons

We specialize in teaching classical, jazz, and blues for alto, soprano, tenor, and baritone saxophone. Our instructors emphasize the importance of sound, technique, and theory, while maintaining a fun and challenging lesson plan tailored to the needs of each student.

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Clarinet Lessons

We have a diverse and exciting program with customized lesson plans that caters to all ages and abilities. Our instructors begin with the fundamentals to ensure a good foundation. Proper breathing, correct fingering, and great embouchure are some of the basic techniques that we instill in our students to create a foundation of success from the beginning.

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Trumpet & Trombone Lessons

Our comprehensive trumpet and trombone lessons include learning proper technique, ear training, theory, sight-reading, blues, jazz and improvisation, as well as classical repertoire.

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Ready to start instruction?

Advantages for Private Lessons:

  • One on one attention from the teacher
  • Being able to learn, or request to play the song we like
  • We learn at our own pace
  • The lesson is customized to the student’s need

Pricing for Private Lessons:

We meet once a week, for either 30 min, 45 min and 60 min. For beginners and young children, we recommend 30 min.

  • Private lesson 30 min : $140 / month, (4 times 30 min lessons)
  • Private lesson 45 min : $180/ month, (4 times 45 min lessons)
  • Private lesson 60 min : $240 / month, (4 times 60 min lessons)