Group Piano Classes
Ages 3 to Adult / All Skill Levels

Our Group piano classes offer an innovative course of piano-style instruction where tradition and technology meet in harmony.

Our young musician courses are designed to establish a foundation for musical ability by way of ear training, coordination, rhythmic expression, and of course good practicing habits. Our keyboard encounters instruction is geared towards people ten years of age or older, and places an emphasis on hands-on learning using the Yamaha Clavinova digital piano. This is an ideal setting to develop your musical creativity and confidence.  Our innovative course of piano-style instruction has been proven successful in helping students of all ages learn to play and enjoy the piano.

Lafitte Music Center is the only Authorized Yamaha Music School in the Sacramento area!

Yamaha Music Education System

Is your child between 3 and 8 years old?
Click HERE to learn about the Yamaha Music Education System.

Ready to Learn Piano?

Music Wonderland
For children ages 3-5

A young child pushing a key on a keyboard

Junior Musician Course
For children ages 4-5

Young child practicing the keyboard in music class

Young Musician Course
For children ages 6-7

Four young girls in a keyboards music class

Keyboard Encounters (Kids)
For older children ages 8-11

Two boys practicing the electronic keyboard in music class

Keyboard Encounters (Teens)
For teens ages 12-16

Two teens playing the electronic keyboard with the teacher watching

Keyboard Encounters (Adults)
For students ages 17+

Three adult women playing the keyboard with their teacher observing

How Long Will it Take Me to Learn How to Play?

You’ll play simple pieces from the very first day!

In the weeks following the start of class you’ll learn…

  • Songs in many exciting styles and genres, such as pop, classical, country, blues and jazz.
  • Fingerobics™ – Special keyboard exercises that develop finger dexterity.
  • Music reading, notation and theory.
  • Ensemble playing – group musical experiences that help develop your own playing skills.
  • How to plan and evaluate your progress.

How is the Course Taught?

Group students are grouped according to age, musical background and goals.

You can enter this flexible course at any level, depending on your musical experience. Your teacher has been trained by Yamaha to work with students of all ages and abilities, and can help you decide which level to join.

When Do I Start?

Start playing today; enjoy playing for a lifetime. Contact us today to enroll in the next class!

Why Learn in a Group?

Playing in a group is musically satisfying.

Most music is performed in groups, whether in a band, orchestra, or a choir. Learning together strengthens individual rhythm skills and listening habits and develops confidence. Keyboard Encounters students who wish to share their music with the rest of the class will have the opportunity to perform solos.

What happens once the session is over?

After the session (usually 10 weeks) is over, the student has several options:

  • You are eligible to continue with the same group, in the next level, on the same day and time, with another 10 weeks session.
  • You can transfer to another group if your learning pace is faster or slower, or if the time and day is no longer convenient.
  • You can transfer to private lessons!