Private Lessons for Acoustic, Electric and Bass Guitar
Ages 7 – Adult / All Skill Levels

The guitar is a popular choice for most students along with the piano, thanks to its wide range. As a guitarist you can play melodies as well as harmonies and rhythms. Guitarists have the ability to play an infinite amount of variations of articulations, such as slide, hammer, slur, bend, finger pick, tap, vibrate, strum, etc!


Our lessons are commonly divided in 3 main sections: Warm ups (technique and exercise), Harmony and chords, and Goal songs (chosen by you and/or your teacher).

  • Warm ups: including scale, techniques, and exercises
  • Harmony and chords, as well as theory concepts.
  • Goal songs: Could be a song of your choice arranged for your level by our teachers, or the teacher’s recommendation, depending on your path, or both.

Each of our lessons are tailored to each student. For beginners, it is important for us to keep the students motivated.  Right from the first lesson, you will be playing a simple song.


We host recitals every month in our performance hall. Every student of the music school can join and perform the music of their choice. It is also an opportunity for many to meet music friends and create groups and music ensembles. We also host twice a year a Summer and Winter music festival, usually held over 2-3 days, where students perform their favorite music.


Our teachers have extensive education experience in music and many perform regularly with local orchestras or bands.

Our private lessons are one-on-one instruction and lesson lengths are 30 min, 45 min, or 60 min, held once each week.

Our Guitar Teachers:
Daniel Radu
Edward Roa
Curtis Leong

Music student practicing guitar with teacher

Advantages for Private Lessons:

Students receive one on one attention from the teacher, learn at their own pace, with customized lessons per the student’s need.  In addition, students are able to learn or request to play a song of their choosing.

Yamaha Music Education System

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Ready to Learn Guitar?

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We have a diverse and exciting program with customized lesson plans that caters to all ages and abilities. Our instructors begin with the fundamentals to ensure a good foundation. Correct hand position, fingering, and tuning are some of the basic techniques that we instill in our students to create a foundation of success from the beginning.