The ukulele community is friendly, inviting, and the instrument’s size and crisp sound brings warm smiles on people’s faces. Due to its small size and nylon strings, the ukulele is easy for children to pick up.

What you will learn:

  • Well-rounded music education (includes theory, harmony, building a repertoire, performing, improvising, ear training).
  • Wide repertoire. Part of it is chosen by the student, the other part by the teacher.
  • Learn how to play with others, whether duets, ensemble or bands.
  • Learn to express yourself through music.
$35-55 / lesson
– 30 minutes per week
– Online or in person
$135 / month
– 1 hour per week
– Online or in person
– Max 5 students per class
$190 / month
– 2 hours per week
– Online or in person
– Max 5 students per class


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Ukulele Lessons

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your covid procedures?

All our instruments or work stations are spaced 6 feet apart, and sanitized after each lesson.

What are the differences between group and private lessons?

Group: We alternate one on one instructions (total of 30 minutes) and group activities (total of 30 minutes).

Example of group activities: warm ups, scales, fingerobics, chord progressions, ensemble song, note reading, theory, rhythm work, etc.

Individual work is done with the help of headphones and help the child learn how to practice on his own. Each student learn his own repertoire, at his own pace and level. The teacher helps the students individually during individual work and the student learns how to practice in class, setting up good habits for home practice. The student still have freedom to chose part of his/her repertoire.

Our group curriculum is well organized and have clear goals and expectations that we have researched, experimented and tested for the past five years.

Private: During a private lesson, the student has undivided attention from the teacher, and usually follows a book or a curriculum that the teacher recommends. While we don’t control what is taught in private lessons, we recommend only teachers that follow certain criteria such as: degrees, pedagogy, patience, student’s progress, love of teaching.

Our teachers both teach group and private lessons.

When do you recommend private lesson over group?

We usually recommend private lessons for students with special needs, or very specific goals, or if your schedule doesn’t fit our program schedule.

How can the student have individual practice within a group lesson?

During their individual work time, the students switch to headphones and electric instruments that we provide in class: electro acoustic guitars, electric violins, mute systems for brass, etc.

Do you accept vouchers?

Yes we accept vouchers from Visions, Inspire, Horizons, San Juan District, South Sutter. If your voucher is not listed here, please contact us.

Are you doing online or in person lessons?

All our classes are available in person or online, as you wish.