Yamaha Music Education System

The Yamaha Music Education System is designed to meet the unique needs of each age group with a comprehensive musical program that inspires a love of music and a lifetime of active music participation.  The Yamaha Music System is based on the fundamental principles of:

Introducing Music Fundamentals Early

Based upon this concept of timely education, the Yamaha method introduces music fundamentals to children at the time when their hearing capabilities are rapidly developing.

Group Lessons

The Yamaha System recognizes that students benefit from group lessons. The advantages of group lessons include peer motivation, making friends through music,  and developing cooperativeness and deepening understanding of music through participation in ensembles.

Creative Emphasis

For students to develop creativity in their music it is important to encourage free expression; we promote this by enhancing sensitivity and imagination, which are both source of creativity.

Yamaha Music Education System

Yamaha Music System Lesson Contents Include:


Listening to wonderful music helps children:

  • Develop emotional sensitivity
  • Develop an ear for music
  • Feel and express music in time rhythmically


Children love to sing! Singing develops:

  • Self expression
  • Correct tempo, rhythm, and pitch
  • Understanding of note names


Playing helps students:

  • Express music by themselves
  • Get familiar with the five-line staff and keyboard
  • Express music with both hands


Junior Music Course experiences cultivate children’s:

  • Musical creativity
  • Sense of harmony